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Mama Love Fest: An Event Honoring Mom

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:: EDITORIAL AND PHOTOS BY LEIGH RIPLEY :: One of my daughter’s friends was at our house recently, lamenting that her parents won’t buy her a car (oh, to be Generation Z) and she emphatically stated that her parents only care about vacations and not the things she needs. To this I responded by telling her that vacations make memories, things don’t.  Summer is vacation for kids, and what better way to make memories than camp? For me, camp truly was a vacation – for my sister, it was more of a punishment, but I looked forward to the long, hot, busy days spent outdoors with friends.  It was an escape from school, sports training, chores, my sister, everything! Even…
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Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia!

Location: Shane Lalani Center for the Arts, 415 E Lewis St, Livingston
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