April 2019 | Teenagers

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Mama Love Fest: An Event Honoring Mom

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:: EDITORIAL BY LEIGH RIPLEY :: My oldest is a full-blown teenager. She’s driving. She’s managing her own school, athletic and social affairs. She’s doing it – growing up and learning to lead her own life. Well, sort of. Recently her BioMed teacher was discussing the life skills she assumed most students had already embraced, “You all know how to do your own laundry, fold your clothes, make your breakfast, schedule doctor’s appointments...” But she paused when she saw my child shaking her head “no.” She asked, “So you don’t know how to do your laundry?” My daughter answered, “I…
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Lewis & Clark County Spring Beer-Fest

Lewis & Clark County Spring Beer-Fest

Location: L & C Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall
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